Sober Curious? Here’s 10 Booze-Free Cocktails To Sink This Christmas

Whether you’re teetotal all year round, expecting a baby or just embracing the holiday season and going easy on the mulled stuff because you don’t need booze to have a good time, these alcohol-free cocktails will ensure you’re happy and hangover-free through all the merriment.

Having a sober Christmas this year? Join the club.

There are bottomless benefits of celebrating the holidays without booze, the best one of all being fresh as a daisy for Boxing Day / Christmas Day take two and revelling in the smugness of your good, responsible choices.

Zero alcohol spirits and mocktails are having a real moment, so your cup will be full to the brim, literally and metaphorically. Whether you’re teetotal all year round, expecting a baby or just embracing the holiday season and going easy on the mulled stuff because you don’t need booze to have a good time, these alcohol-free cocktails will ensure you’re happy and hangover-free through all the merriment.

Now is as good a time as any to be sober curious and with this drinks menu at your fingertips, December 25th will be anything but dull. See you at the bar!

Apple Highball

Beer fear doesn’t live here. Using the Seedlip Garden 108 combined with apple juice, lemon and maple syrup you’ll be able to get through your day without a hint of humiliation.

Add 60ml of Garden 108, 30ml unfiltered apple juice, 15ml lemon juice and 15ml maple syrup to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass, top with soda, fresh ice and an apple fan for garnish.

Source: Apple Highball | Non-Alcoholic Cocktails | Seedlip

Espresso MartiNO

An absolute coffee lover’s dream, perfect for perking you up when you feel yourself nodding off to the Eastenders special.

Simply add 60ml of Seedlip Spice 94, 50ml of a cold brew concentrate of your choice and 15ml sugar syrup to a shaker. Add ice and shake. Garnish with fresh coffee beans to make your no-liquor pièce de resistance look and taste like the real deal.

Source: Espresso MartiNO | Non-Alcoholic Cocktails | Seedlip

Sober Santa Christmas Punch

Serve up a big bowl of this holiday punch with a ladle so guests can help themselves. In a large punch bowl, mix 2 cups of cranberry juice, 1 cup of OJ and 1 cup of pineapple juice. Give it a good stir. When you’re ready to serve, add 2 cups of sparkling apple juice or apple cider and 1 cup of ginger ale for a festive kick. Finish with fresh orange slices, pomegranate seeds or cherries for garnish and plenty of ice.

Source: Non Alcoholic Christmas Punch For The Holidays – The Mindful Mocktail

The JOMO {Joy Of Mulling Out}

For an easy booze-free take on this traditional festive tipple loved by all, grab a bottle of non-alcoholic Merlot or pomegranate juice and cranberry juice if you prefer + orange slices, cloves, cinnamon sticks and star anise. If you’re going for the juice option, you’ll need 2 cups of water too.

For a true lazy gal recipe, bung it all in the slow cooker on low for 1.5 hours whilst you crack on with some Christmas wrapping. When it’s done and your house is smelling like a Homesense aisle, strain the mulling spices, pour into a heatproof glass or mug and garnish with a slice of orange and hit play on Mariah. Cheers to the joy of mulling out. You’re not missing a thing!

Spice Ingredients:

8 cloves
3 star anise
1 orange sliced
1 cinnamon stick

PS if you’d rather cook on the stove, bring your mulled mix to a gentle boil on a medium heat, then steam for 30 minutes and strain as above.

Source: Non Alcoholic Mulled Wine | Mulled Wine Alcohol Free


Christmas off the sauce never looked better. Put all the ingredients in a shaker, fine strain and pour in a coupette glass – she fancy! Garnish with orange zest and enjoy every last smug sip.


45ml Lyre’s Pink London Gin
15ml Lyre’s Orange Sec
15ml lime juice
30ml cranberry juice
7.5ml strawberry syrup
Lemon twist (optional)

Source: Lyre’s Pink London Cosmopolitan

Everleaf Vanilla Sour

For something rich and decadent to see you through the cocktail party, let this vanilla sour elevate your dry December with aplomb. Add all ingredients to a shaker, strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist or edible flowers.


50ml Everleaf FOREST
25ml fresh lemon juice
15ml vanilla syrup
15ml aquafaba or egg white

Source: Vanilla Sour

The Merry Mojito Doppelganger

For a bright and complex alternative to the classic minty mojito, add 50ml Everleaf MOUNTAIN, 25ml fresh lime juice, 15ml wildflower honey, 6-8 mint leaves and pomegranate seeds to a highball glass. Mix until the honey has dissolved. Top up the glass with crushed ice and churn with a cocktail spoon. Garnish with a sprig of fresh mint and you’re good to knock it back. Aesthetically-pleasing, festive, thirst-quenching but most importantly, a friend to all (foreheads).

Source: MOUNTAIN Fizz

Let It Snow(Ball)

The designated driver shall not be an afterthought this year with this indulgent non-alcoholic take on the classic Snowball.

For the syrup, heat together sugar and water until the sugar dissolves. Leave to cool and pour into a jar. Add the mincemeat to infuse overnight. Strain the mixture and reserve the syrup. Measure out 10ml of the syrup, mix with the other ingredients until white and frothy. Pour into glasses, dust with cinnamon and garnish with redcurrants. For extra points, rim your glasses with cinnamon sugar. Cin-cin!



300ml vanilla ice cream
100ml lemon juice
500ml diet lemonade
½ tsp ground cinnamon
60g redcurrants


10g mincemeat
25g sugar
25ml water

Source: Snowball Christmas Mocktail Recipe

Zero Proof Bellini

A prosecco-based cocktail made virgin – this zero proof bellini has enough fire in its fizz that you’ll be hard pressed to tell it apart from its boozy counterpart.

Using a chilled champagne flute, add 25ml peach puree. Top it up with London Essence White Peach and Jasmine Crafted Soda for posh champagne-style bubbles, leaving just enough room for a curl of lemon zest. All we want is Soft Seltzer for Christmas.

Source: Zero Proof Bellini | Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe | The London Essence Co.

Jolly White Russian

Curl up with this cool ‘n’ creamy classic + your favourite Hallmark movie and sleep soundly knowing that you didn’t ruin the family portrait this year.

Divide the crushed ice between 4 glasses, leaving the rest in a cocktail shaker. Add the coffee syrup to the shaker then the milk. Attach the lid and give it a gentle shake. Pour into your glasses, garnish and get sinking the good stuff. Merry Christmas, ya filthy sober animal.


Ice Cubes (10 crushed)
Cold coffee syrup
Arla B.O.B milk
Shaved Milk Chocolate
Cinnamon stick for garnish

Source: Virgin White Russian