The Sound of Pleasure – The Best Audio Porn to Listen to When You’re Horny as Hell 

From apps to podcasts and guided masturbation sessions, here’s a sensual selection of the best audio porn to listen to when you’re feeling horny as hell. 

In a world where you can have ethical porn and erotic audio, why would you ever need to associate with conventional porn ever again?

If visual porn’s just not your thing or you’re looking for ways to spice up your sex life and connect with your pleasure in newfangled ways, erotic audio offers a plethora of safe, convenient and consensual smut. In a space defined by and for the male gaze, this fresh breed of horny fables is music (and breathy sweet nothings) to our ears. 

90% of women use their imaginations or ‘mental framing’ to get aroused

According to research by sex education platform OMGYes and the Kinsey Institute, 90% of women use their imaginations – or ‘mental framing’ – to get aroused, running through narrative fantasies in their heads to get in the zone. Which explains the underrated allure of audio porn and makes a convincing case for using our ears rather than our eyes to get us off. Unlike feeling like a third wheel, audio porn feels like one step closer to the real deal, positioning the listener as a voyeur or participant and leaving more room for fantasy. 

From apps to podcasts and guided masturbation sessions, here’s a sensual selection of the best audio porn to listen to when you’re feeling horny as hell. 


If palpable sexual tension and character-driven stories are your porn genre (pornre) of choice, Dipsea’s ever-growing library of sexy inclusive audio will certainly pique your interest. 

Designed to turn you on and tuck you in, it’s been dubbed the Headspace of erotica, blending sexual wellness with intimate storytelling in a calm, safe and consensual manner. You can access hundreds of carefully curated, sex-positive stories, cozy Sleep Scenes and wellness sessions, all of which will fire up your imagination and invite you to embrace your sexual fantasies without shame. 

Although Dipsea was designed with women in mind, the app is a safe space for all genders, with HER+HER, HER+HIM, and a growing selection of HIM+HIM and non-binary content. 

From flirtatious and romantic short-form stories to hookups, threesomes and BDSM, all the stories are clearly tagged so you won’t tune into something potentially triggering. Dipsea actively includes trans characters in its works and over 50% of their characters are voiced by people of colour. And ain’t that the way all good stories should be?

Co-Founders Gina Gutierrez and Faye Keegan recognised a gap in the market for real-life erotica, “We wanted to hear stories that felt like they were made for us, for our friends, and for all those women who felt like erotica didn’t really connect with their lives and experiences. So we made it our mission to build a narrative universe that cares about your needs, wants and fantasies – down to the smallest, most intimate details.

“Our stories are simply a door to your inner world, a way of illuminating the parts of yourself you’ve either lost touch with or have yet to discover.” 

Prepare for a binge-worthy listen. Discover the Dipseaverse here. 


Seeking something short and sweet? Something you can strategically sandwich between Zooms and lunch breaks? Smile Makers Clitastic Chronicles could be just the format you’re after. 

This erotica series focuses on real fantasies they’ve received, written by female authors. Featuring meet-cutes, late nights at the office, an encounter on the train and a tennis lesson that covers a little more than the basic strokes, this is a solid and wonderfully vanilla introduction into the world of audio erotica, making it ideal for newbies or anyone who’s short on time. At ten minutes and under, these kinky soundbites waste no time getting down to business. Because busy girls deserve their orgasms, too. 

Tune in here for free. 


Founded by Caroline Spiegal, sister of Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal, Quinn is an ethical space for both audio porn creators and listeners, designed for women to get their ‘O’s without the graphic burn-your-retina visuals mainstream porn depends on. Think less raunchy, more sensuous – no bells and whistles, just moans and accented voices. With categories from voyeurism, butt-stuff and non-binary voice, the Quinn library caters to all kinds of kinks, so you’re bound to discover something to get you going. We have it on good authority that “Harry Eats You Out” will make you see god. 

Sign up and discover your audio aura here. 


With 500+ wellbeing sessions to boost your body confidence, mindfulness journeys and sexy stories produced by the sexperts themselves, Emjoy offers a range of no-frills audio to fit any desire. More an audio wellbeing app geared towards female pleasure, Emjoy offers curious-minded cisgender women a fun and entertaining way to practise self love and expand their sexual wellbeing. 

Whether you want to increase libido, climax consistently, stay present during intimacy, or feel body positive, Emjoy’s audio collections invite you to embrace self-discovery and achieve sexual fulfilment by incorporating new habits into your self-care routine.

Fancy a listen? Explore the world of Emjoy here. 


Each story is narrated from the perspective of both people involved, so you’re privy to all the sensations of both giving and receiving pleasure. Let your imagination run wild and safely explore your fantasies without reservation, from domination to romance, cunnilingus and beyond. Sack off the bedroom slow jams and hit play on this library of libido boosting tracks instead. You won’t regret it. 

Listen on the go, here 


Say hello to the audio guide to mindful sex you didn’t know you needed. Ferly is on a mission to empower women and folx with vulvas to have healthy, confident and pleasurable sex. As survivors of sexual assault and violence themselves, Founders Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak understand that enjoying sex is so much more than the physical. Through the app, you’ll explore what pleasure means to you using touch-based practices, build your sexual self-confidence with cognitive behaviour therapy practices and be present in your own body using guided mindfulness techniques.

If you want to let go of sexual shame, identify your sexual needs, connect with your body or heal from sexual trauma, Ferly’s the app for you! Alongside hands-on audio sessions, personalised programmes created by sexual wellness experts, body mapping and journaling, you’ll find 10-12 minute narrations of sensual stories to get you out of your head and into your body. 

Find out more about the Ferly memberships here. 

Girl on The Net

A blog dedicated to sexual liberation and challenging sex stigma – Here. For. It. From real life sex stories to fascinating fetishes, Girl on The Net has been flying the NSFW flag since 2011. Now one of the biggest sex blogs in the UK, you’ll find a wealth of wank material on here kindly converted from written erotica to audio porn for your listening pleasure. Consider this your one stop shop for every kind of explicit erotica out there and the fastest way to improve the dreaded commute. 

Listen for free here. 


Told by real women in their own words, &Jane provides a multi-faceted collection of real and compelling confessional stories to be enjoyed by all. Ear candy indeed. 

Listeners can follow individual storytellers and find their new content every week or upload their own content to the platform while remaining anonymous. With every subscription, a contribution will be donated to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, the only national human rights organization that works full-time to affirm and protect sexual freedom as a fundamental human right.

Find out more here. 

Audio Desires

Audio Desires is an erotic audio platform created for women and couples looking for a more enjoyable alternative to visual mainstream porn. Relatable, guilt-free erotic audio stories with immersive ASMR sound effects – need we say more?

Thanks to their ‘spiciness’ rating system, you can easily identify what you’re in the mood for from flirtatious and sweet (🍑), passionate and exciting (🍑🍑) and hot and kinky (🍑🍑🍑). 

With new episodes out every Friday, this lot will ease you into the weekend mood nicely. TGIF!

Listen for free here. 


For those looking for unpolished user-submitted strangers with a mic clip, Tumblr is home to an exquisite feast of sexual sounds and blogs, though navigating the site takes significantly more effort and heed than sliding into an app or a podcast. 

Whether you’re into dirty talk, guided masturbation or straight to the point get those panties down steam, it’s all there for the taking on Tumblr. If an Irish accent (read: Connell) is up there at the top of your sexual fantasies, then we do advise that you complete the module named: AttractiveGeek. 

The Sounds Of Pleasure and Audio Orgasm also come highly recommended. 


Best known for its written stories, Literotica also has a solid collection of audio sex stories for you to explore, ranging from Uber shags to sexy co-worker hookups and narrative-driven storytelling. Conventional porn not quite main character enough for you? These tracks put you right slap bang in the middle of all the hottest action. 

Listen for free here. 


Listen, sometimes you don’t necessarily want straight up filth. Sometimes longing stares, character development and beautifully narrated audiobooks are better than porn and for that, there’s Audible. Case in point: Beth O’Leary’s Road Trip. Dylan and Addie’s villa sex? Top tier Provence porn right there. 

Find your genre of choice here.