13 Questions With Courtney Quinn

Queen of Colour, Courtney is taking over NYC one beautiful outfit at a time. We caught up with her to find out what it takes to be a fashion blogger across the pond, and how we can all add a bit more colour to our own wardrobes!

First off, how are you and how is your 2021 going?

Going well for the most part! Coming off a weird year for everyone, just hoping things get brighter for everyone! But I can’t complain! 

Can you tell us about your career online and how it all began?

So my career online started after I had received my MBA at 21! I moved to NYC with the hopes of getting hired in fashion and it just wasn’t happening. I looked older on my resume because of my degrees at a young age and it was working against me. I was blogging as a creative outlet so I started doing it more seriously, then eventually took my MBA off my resume, added my blog & got my first job!!! A few years in, my blog was a full-time job of its own so I choose to keep blogging & growing my online career and leave my dream corporate job behind

We love your devotion to colour, can you tell us about your relationship with it?

My mom was an interior designer, who wore all Black but we had a lot of color in our home! So I was always wearing it as a kid. When I got older, I thought I had to wear Black to be chic and fit in. So I started trying to make myself blend in. Eventually, I realized color is tied to confidence, Sometimes you feel like you have to wear Black or basic things to blend in and not be seen. But everyone deserves to be seen if they want to, and color can help! Now I try to inspire others to be confident & colorful because I think the two are tied. 

Did you always want to work within fashion, was it something you pursued in school?

Yes & no! I always wanted to work in fashion but I didn’t go to school for it! I went for marketing mostly among other things! That is one reason I had trouble getting a job in the industry! But I think things worked out the way they were supposed to

Where are you from in the US and what led you to New York?

I grew up in Arizona! It was a nice place to grow up but not a lot of culture or color. I did my MBA in San Francisco, up in northern California & moved to New York after! I always pictured myself in NYC and tried to go to school there but didn’t get in. I grew up watching NYC based shows and plastering photos around my wall, knowing one day I would end up there but not quite sure how. When school in New York didn’t work out, I had to find another way to get there eventually and I did! Sometimes your first plan isn’t your real path but you’ll end up where you need to be

Can you tell us some of the best places to visit in New York for those seeking colour?

NYC is quite colorful but you have to look for it! There are pop-ups or installs like the “color factory” that provide immersive experiences painted in color. But you can also find a lot of color in the west village, Soho or walking around. Brooklyn has a ton of colorful murals waiting for you to shoot in front of, and you can find more nature-based color in places like Central Park !

What’s your best advice for someone wanting to add colour to their wardrobe?

Start with an accessory! Instead of buying a new brown purse, go for a pop of color! It will force some color in your wardrobe without committing to a full look! If buying something new isn’t an option, a colorful lip or makeup look is another great way to start!

What are you currently working on?

So many things I can’t talk about but mostly product-based collaborations that will come out next year! I just finished my first project back at Disneyland since it’s been closed and we’re launching a few things for creators here on @colormecourtney as well as a podcast! I’m focusing more on youtube & creating video content. And in my free time, I mentor Black creators because I want more of us to exist in the space!

What are some of your other favourite accounts to inspire you on Instagram?


What does your perfect weekend look like?

Oh, I like to get ahead on my to-do list so my work week is lighter! If the world is back to normal, a broadway show and a dinner out is always something I look forward to! I like spending time with my fiancé & my dog of course, and meeting “cuties” (my followers) in the wild is always really fun for me!

What do you always carry with you?

Lipstick, sunscreen, portable phone charger, hand sanitiser & a mask! Internally? Confidence, positivity & the desire to leave things better than I found them

What would your last ever meal be?

Probably lobster Mac & cheese!!! But I also love a good pretzel! 

What is one positive piece of advice you could give to our audience?

Find your insecurity, that thing that makes you weird or different & use it as your superpower! I’ve done it with my hair, lips, & hips! I’ve built a brand around things I used to hate about myself and it was the best way to get over that fear, to turn the thing I used to hide into something I celebrate!! 

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