‘To Me, From Me’: The Self Love Gifts You Deserve This February

Take a deep breath, open up that 'single and thriving' vision board, and let go of society's bias that prioritises romantic love above all.

Spoiler alert: you can be your own Valentine. Take a deep breath, open up that ‘single and thriving’ vision board, and let go of society’s bias that prioritises romantic love above all. Because as much as receiving an extravagant bunch of flowers to your door (cue your housemate’s ‘awww’s and ‘ooh’s), know that being able to rely on yourself for love, respect and treats along the way is always a safer position to be in than seeking validation from external sources. Buy the flowers, chocolates, takeaway and wine and know that the enjoyment of those things is not reliant on a partner to provide them!

So whether you’re feeling single and empowered or are mourning a recent break-up and are in need of a pick-me-up, we’ve compiled a list of the best ‘to me, from me’ self-love gifts to warm your heart this February. Transform your room into the calming oasis you deserve with a Himalayan salt lamp or new candle, or treat yourself to the gift of relaxation with a spa day or fancy bubble bath, whatever helps you feel your best and most special, now’s the time to do it! 

Repeat after us: I am enough, just as I am.

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Single or Taken, Here’s 20 Ways to Make It Through The Month of PDA Unscathed

As usual we’ve broken down 20 things we’ll be partaking in this month, most of which involve scoffing the discounted Hotel Chocolat gift selection post Feb 14th, and we truly wouldn’t have it any other way…

2022 is well underway and with January tucked under our belts and the month of love upon us it’s only looking up from here! With longer days, Galentines and a new Tom Holland release in cinemas it’s a great time to be alive, and we’ll be celebrating with a glass of Rosé to mark the occasion, thank you very much. It might be the shortest month of the year but with the promise of Spring somewhat on the horizon (wishful thinking) positivity is flowing through our veins here at Zoella HQ, and we have a feeling this month is gonna be a good’un! As usual we’ve broken down 20 things we’ll be partaking in this month, most of which involve scoffing the discounted Hotel Chocolat gift selection post Feb 14th, and we truly wouldn’t have it any other way…

  1. Add ‘January’s over’ to your gratitude list each morning. 
  2. Eat your bodyweight in Valentine’s themed chocolates because self love is everything.
  3. Watch The Notebook and spend 2 days emotionally recovering.
  4. Listen to Taylor Swift’s Lover exclusively for a full 28 days straight.
  5. Repeatedly pin Timothée Chalamet to your Pinterest vision board because there’s still time to manifest a dreamboat into your life before the 14th, and why not aim high?
  6. Wonder how long it will be until bare leg weather comes around and immediately shiver.
  7. Consider booking a one way ticket somewhere with a decent chance of meeting the daily recommended Vit D intake because sometimes England just ain’t it.
  8. Spend obscene amounts on Val Day appropriate nail art just to feel something, complete with hearts, glitter, gems and a 10 minute long photoshoot at the end of it all. 
  9. Redownload Hinge and delete it within 48 hours. Standard.
  10. Spend a considerable amount of the month commenting on how quickly it’s flown by in comparison to January.
  11. Wonder if it’s too late to action all the well-intended 2022 resolutions that have somehow fallen by the wayside.
  12. Write a love letter to yourself to open next Valentine’s Day and lap up the delicious feelings of knowing you are enough.
  13. Organise a boozy Galentine’s brunch with your fave ladies and get emotional after one too many glasses of fizz about how endlessly brilliant they are.
  14. Blast good 4 u every time you get the urge to stalk your ex’s Instagram and remember Ms Rodrigo taught us better than that.
  15. Spend a decent chunk of your long awaited January paycheck on some self love fun inspired by our very own Best Sex Toys for 2022 post and realise money truly can buy happiness.
  16.  Read Dolly Alderton’s Everything I know About Love and feel overly sentimental about loves lost and still to come. 
  17. Add some of the Lush Valentine’s Collection to your shower and enjoy alone or with company. Ooh la la.
  18. Get excited for Pancake Day and then realise it falls in March this year. We hate to be the bearers of bad news. 
  19. Deep dive into Bridgerton (again) ahead of its return in March and eagerly await your life changing for the better once more.
  20. Browse weekend trips to Paris because if you can’t spontaneously visit the most romantic city of them all in February then when can you?