13 Questions With Mark Ferris

A total sweetheart who makes content that guarantees to draw a smile, few online content creators are as charismatic and engaging as Mark Ferris. We caught up about how he's managed to stay so motivated over three lockdowns and find out what he's currently working on...

First of all, Happy New Year! What are you looking to get out of 2021?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m just hoping that this year we can get back to normality and that I get to see my friends more.
And that everyone stays safe💘

Can you talk us through your career online and how it’s evolved?

Well, I started off filming fun challenges on my channel 5 years ago and to this day I still love doing exactly that. I don’t think my channel has really evolved. However, me as a person has! I’m definitely more open & honest & carefree!

Can you tell us a bit more about what content you create and upload on which platform?

I think when I first started I was very ‘challenge’ heavy content-wise on YouTube, then I went down the more chilled sit-down type of videos advice/story times/q&as, then I moved on to vlogs, and now I focus more on the challenges again because they keep me the most active and I love them. I’ve also started to daily vlog (sort of) on Instagram more! I just find the immediate connection I can have with viewers just amazing!

What are your top tips for staying motivated during the pandemic?

Remember that we’re all going through it together and reach out for help if you need it.
I always recommend getting up earlier than your alarm goes off! Make a little to-do list the night before. Get as much fresh air as you can. Focus on the hobbies and things that make you happy and inspired. And if you feel up to it; try something new🥲

A lot of our audience will know that you are Zoe’s best friend, how have you two managed your friendship this year without being able to see each other in the same way?

We text endlessly haha! We’re always sending each other something that’s funny or something that reminds us of each other. Obviously, we’ll do check-ins with each other to see how we’re getting on. We like to recommend each other shows & movies and we often send clips from our videos together to lol at haha! Also a LOT of voice notes!

What would you say is your biggest achievement to date?

I think the fact that I accomplished what I set out to be after Uni! Never did I think I’d meet the friends I have and get the most perfect audience! It’s insane & cringe but I’m definitely living my dream!

What are you currently working on?

My mental health haha! Making sure I’m putting me first in situations & looking after myself! Also, fingers crossed a couple of things come true for this summer which I can’t mention yet- SORRY

Who are some of your favourite follows online?

I love being nosey with my friends obvs and seeing what they’re up too! OBSESSED with interior design & life hack pages!

If you weren’t an online content creator what do you think you’d be doing for a living?

I’d love to be a party planner organiser! For sure! Just sitting down with people and organising parties and events! There’s still time 😉

What do you always carry with you?

My inhaler, anti-bac, lip balm and some sort of fragrance😂

What does your perfect weekend look like?

It used to be pre-drinks with mates and hit the clubs haha, now it’s a cosy bath, Netflix and takeaway and a new set of jams

If you could only eat one meal again what would it be?

Fully loaded Nachos! Key to my heart!

If you could give one positive message to our followers what would it be?

There is only one of you & that’s pretty special!

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